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Because all inspectors at Capital Building Inspectors are licensed builders, we take pride in our work and make sure all inspections meet the BCA requirements.
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Independent Building Inspections

You may think that you have just built your dream home on an ideal block of land. It has everything that you want – plenty of garden area, three or four bedrooms, a separate garage, large driveway, a kitchen to die for – yes it truly seems to be your ideal home.

And, of course, it may be.

However, before you rush to move into it, consider this: many new build homes have not just one or two defects, but multiple ones.

Why should this be so? It has just been built, for Pete’s sake, so it’s brand new. What could possibly be wrong with it?

Not only that, even if there IS anything wrong with it the builder gives a ten year warranty.

On top of that, it has been inspected by the local authority building inspector and he has passed it, so why would I have any need of independent building inspections Melbourne?

Of course, to use the old cliché, we can see exactly where you are coming from, so let’s take a look at what seem to be perfectly reasonable comments one by one.

It is brand new, so what could possibly be wrong with it?

Hmmm. Have you ever heard of a “Friday afternoon” car? It is brand new, but has been finished on a Friday afternoon which is when the workers want to get home for the weekend, so things get rushed, corners get cut, and your “brand new” car – which looks the same as the others in the showroom – has faults. Some of them can be serious.

Even if they are not too serious they can be a pain in the neck, as you only discover them over the course of the next few weeks after you have driven your “pride and joy” out of the showroom. So you are forever returning to the dealer to have this, that, and the other put right.

Next up is the warranty. It goes without saying that you get one of those. But what are you really getting? Let’s take a look.

Almost all warranties on new homes are “limited warranties”. Just the very word “limited” should make you stop and think. What it is saying is that, yes, you get a warranty, but what it covers is limited.

A limited warranty is usually split into three parts, the first of which covers labour and materials. Usually that only covers the first year after purchase. So if the tiles fall off the wall or the roof leaks, you are probably covered. However, if the tiles fall off the wall after 366 days have passed, you are not covered. Furthermore, anything else that occurs after that means that you have to pay for the labour involved. So even if you are covered for electrical faults, plumbing problems, and so on for two years (which is the usual period) you have to pay for the labour, while the builder only pays for the materials required.

Structural faults are covered for up to ten years, but even then you have to pay for the labour which is by far and away the biggest part of the cost.

Yes a “limited warranty” is limited with very good reason.

OK, what about the building inspector?

Basically, the building inspector’s job is to see to it that the house is built to a safe standard and is not going to fall down the day after you move into it. He only spends a very limited amount of time on each inspection because there are so many that he has to cover, so he will only check on the obvious things – most of which you could probably do yourself – and not go into the crawl spaces or look at the 1,001 other things which might be defective. He might only spend 20 or 30 minutes on the site.

Do you begin to see why you need independent building inspections Melbourne? The accent here is on the word “independent”. When you instruct us to inspect your proposed purchase we are acting on behalf of you and you only, not the local authority who only need to cover their backs in the case of a major problem, or to take care of the builder who may have made a major mistake and doesn’t want the hassle of paying for it afterwards. You will find that all builders brag about a “ten year warranty”, when in reality that doesn’t apply to most of the things that might go wrong.

Our inspections cover absolutely everything. All of the building inspectors at Capital Building Inspectors are highly trained individuals who have spent many years working in the building industry on “the other side of the coin” so to speak, so they are fully aware of all the mistakes that can be made, and equally all of the ways that builders cut corners in order to save time and money. They are all fully licenced and we carry a considerable amount of insurance.

Not only that, it’s a fact that most building contractors do not carry out all of the work using their own employees. They will sub-contract out many of the functions such as electrical and plumbing work to companies which specialise in that particular trade, so while they may well have very good relationships with specialists that they employ, and trust their skills, they are still not in full control over their workforce. Furthermore, some sub-contractors will further sub-contract some of the work to other companies.

If you are considering spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new build home, it is only common sense to spend a few hundred dollars on independent building inspections Melbourne in order to ensure that the home that you buy is not just safe and secure today, but will remain so for many years.

This way you will get a full unbiased report on every aspect of the property before you commit your hard-earned money to a mortgage. Your report will contain details of every defect, whether major or minor, what needs to be done to put it right, and what the possible consequences may be if it is not corrected. We also include photographs where appropriate.

Independent building inspections Melbourne are the sure way to prevent unpleasant discoveries in the years to come which could result in a cost of many thousands of dollars.

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