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Because all inspectors at Capital Building Inspectors are licensed builders, we take pride in our work and make sure all inspections meet the BCA requirements.
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Building Inspection

When you are having a new home built you want to be certain that it is built to the highest possible standards and that everything is exactly as it should be. After all, you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you have to be sure that you finish up getting what you agreed with your builder and what you paid for.

Of course, you no doubt thought long and hard about your choice of builder, and you may well have taken recommendations from family and friends. Certainly, you have put your trust in the builder that you have finally chosen, but it is essential to have everything double checked. With the best intentions in the world, a construction company is ultimately run by humans, and we humans do make mistakes.

The construction process is not a quick one, and can take several months. During that time there are a thousand and one things that could go wrong or be missed. Even though the project is under the overall supervision of a project manager, he cannot be on site all the time.

In addition, most building companies outsource parts of the work to sub-contractors. (There are some contractors who employ people of every trade, but not many). So your builder may outsource the electrical installations to an electrical company, the plumbing to a plumbing company, and so on. Obviously, they will use sub-contractors that they know and trust, but in turn those sub-contractors may have just taken on some new labourer who is set to work on your home.

The construction process is extremely complicated and takes time, and there are just too many opportunities for something to go wrong.

This is why you need building inspections Melbourne to inspect your new home during the construction process, at hand over, and afterwards during the guarantee period. This way, we can double check the work as it progresses, and any errors or things that have been missed can be corrected as the work goes on, rather than finding out when the work has been completed.

Every one of our team of inspectors is a licensed builder and has been in the construction business for many years, so the fact is that we know what can go wrong, and we know where a builder or sub-contractor may cut corners. We are somewhat like sniffer dogs which go to work on your property and follow a scent, because we know what we are looking for and we know where to find it.

Our reports cover over 1,000 major and minor structural defects and we report them to you together with photographs where appropriate. All reports are written to Australian Standard 4349.1 and can be emailed to you on the same day as the inspection has taken place, or very early the following day if the inspection was late in the day. We explain what the defect is and where it is and what course of action should be taken to remedy it. We will also tell you what could happen if the defect is not corrected.

Our building inspections Melbourne cover, but are not limited to, the following:

· External structural inspection including walls, windows, lintels, doors, stairs, steps, patios, decks, garages, garage doors, downpipes, drains, and more.

· Exterior roof including tiles, metal roofing, eaves, valleys, flashings, chimneys, gutters, and ventilation.

· Interior roof cavity to cover timber roof frames and insulation.

· Under floor space to include timber framing, supports, posts, stumps, ventilation, and surface water.

· Internal structural including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, toilets, doors, windows, stairs, tiling, skirting boards, carpets if fitted, and more.

· Outside including walls, fences, pathways, driveways, steps, and outbuildings.

When you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on having your dream home constructed, you want to be certain in your own mind that it has been done to the highest professional standards and that there will be no nasty surprises months or even years down the line. Very often, building defects are minor and can be corrected fairly easily, but if there is a major defect that is not corrected it could finish up costing $50,000 or more to put right in later years. The cost of an inspection by Capital Building Inspectors is very little in relation to the overall cost of the construction work, and it gives you that all-important peace of mind when you know for sure that everything is fine.

Not only are our inspectors highly trained and with many years hands-on experience in the building trade, they are all licenced and insured. They will spot what the untrained eye will miss since they know what to look out for before they even arrive on the site.

So many things can go wrong. For instance, in the US there were some two million homes built in 2005, and it is estimated by experts that 17% of them have at least two major defects (source: Wall Street Journal, July 13th 2009). As an example, there were cases where contractors failed to install a layer of felt under the roof tiles, making it simple for water ingress leading to damp and rotting of timbers. Windows were installed without foam insulation or flashing which obviously led to drafts.

In other cases, builders had failed to ensure proper drainage away from the home, which led to flooding in the basement, and in still further cases there were issues with the foundations which led to homes settling and cracking of foundations long after the building had been completed. Those are only a few examples of the sort of things that can happen if corners are cut or a labourer is rushing to get part of the work finished.

Our thorough building inspections Melbourne cover every possible form of defect so that you can complete the purchase of your dream home confident in the knowledge that there are no problems and that you will not suddenly have to spend a small fortune on repairs several years later.

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